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Dr Rudresh AcuSTAR Diabetes Blogs

Diabetes has become an epidemic chronic disease and today I will let all diabetics know how to cure diabetes type 2 naturally without life-time drugs and insulin injections.

How to Cure Diabetes or Control Blood Sugar Levels using Acupuncture and Other Natural Treatments when diabetes cannot be managed by drugs and insulin injections

Veena (Name changed) aged 61, was suffering from type 2 diabetes since last 6 years. She was put on Glycomet 500 mg, Novolet 100 IU (100 Units) insulin twice daily but still sugar was above 500 to 600 mg/dL. She approached AcuSTAR Clinic for diabetes reversal/cure on Dec 5, 19. After around 36 sittings of acupuncture, herbal hydropuncture, moxa, guasha, AcuSTAR DiaCure supplements, Diabetes HIIT training, special diabetes rice/millet diet, herbal drink, stress removal therapy, IV nutrition, now Veena has lost 8.5 kg, BP has reduced to normal, blood sugar levels are in 90 to 120 range, Hb1Ac in 6 range.

AcuSTAR Diabetes Cure Program ( is WHO-recommended, UNESCO-recognized, NHS Trust (UK) researched, NIH-approved complete diabetes cure program in Bangalore, developed by Dr Rudresh, MD, PhD (diabetes) that cures diabetes, high blood sugar levels, hyperglycemia (causes of diabetes) due to liver-kidney failure, obesity, overeating, genetic defects, mitochondrial damage, due to heavy metal poisoning, pesticide accumulation in foods/vegetables.

Many patients cannot control high blood sugar levels or hyperglycemia or uncontrolled diabetes despite taking insulin injections, antidiabetic drugs (metformin, glipizides, glimipride, thalizolidiadones), homeopathy for diabetes, naturopathy for diabetes. Lot of patients ask following diabetes questions 1) How to reduce blood sugar levels naturally? 2) What are best drugs to reduce my blood sugar levels normally? 3) Top 10 doctors in Bangalore for diabetes care 4) Can bittergaurd reduce my blood sugar levels 5) Does homeopathy work for diabetes treatment 6) Who is the best doctor in Bangalore for my diabetes treatments 7) Can acupuncture treat my diabetes? AcuSTAR cures, treats, reverse high blood sugar levels or uncontrolled diabetes that does not respond to insulin and other drugs using following modes of treatment

1) FAM-NEST therapy that includes functional acupuncture medicine, nutrition, epigenetics, stress removal therapy

2) ACE therapy: Acupuncture catgut embedding therapy; without use of needles, we use sterile, self-absorbable catgut sutures, which are placed in diabetes acupuncture points in body that stimulate acupressure points for 21 to 30 days to reduce high blood sugar levels.

3) HIIT Training: To improve metabolic rate (RMR, BMI, BMR), just 3 to 30 minutes of HIIT training, not only helps you to reduce blood sugar levels, but also reduces body weight and improves energy levels.

4) Fatty liver and kidney treatment. 5) Hormonal imbalance and thyroid problems (hypothyroidism) treatments. 6) Treats high levels of stress, anxiety, depression, anger, that increase blood sugar levels. If you are looking for best doctor, diabetologist, clinic or hospital in Bangalore to treat or cure your type 2 diabetes or uncontrolled high blood sugar levels,

please contact Dr Rudresh, AcuSTAR, best natural acu-diabetologist in Bangalore, Vijayanagar: Call 7676760107

Here are the Diabetes Cure Videos in Youtube Top Diabetes Videos by AcuSTAR

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