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Dr Rudresh, Top Acupuncturist Near Talks about How to Avoid Surgery if you have slip disc, herniated disc and severe back pain and sciatica.

If you are suffering from back pain, neck pain, sciatica due to disc problems and are taking pain killers, please watch this latest video. Stop Taking Pain Killers, Prevent Kidney Damage, Acidity, Gastritis, Weight Gain as Side Effects. Stop Suffering from All disc problems and Pains with New Innovate Integrated Therapy of:

1. Master Tung/Tan Balance method Acupuncture

2. Electro- and spine acupuncture.

3. ColdLASER treatments.

4. Dorn Spine Therapy from Germany.

5. Craniosacral therapy.

6. Spine Decompression / Traction You can get rid of your back or neck pain due to disc problems in just 5 minutes (100% Natural, No side effects) and Can Feel Great.

Dr Rudresh, MD, PhD, BDS, F.Med (USA), DMT (Germany) with 20 years of experience has cured thousands of patients including VIPs from crippling back pain and neck sufferers due to slip disc, herniated discs WITHOUT SURGERY, WITHOUT PAIN KILLERS.

Slip Disc Youtube Video About Acupuncture Treatments at AcuSTAR

Case Study: 100% Truthful Statement: Ms Suma (Name Changed), aged 39, was suffering from severe back pain, hip pain, leg pain, neck pain with numbness of hands, could not sit over floor, could not walk or sleep. Has tried orthopedic and physiotherapy treatments and pain killers but to no avail. After she took AcuSTAR Integrated Spine and Disc Treatments, in just 2 days she could get rid of pain and could sit over floor with amazing results. Now, you can watch the video and see how joyful she is.

How the patient feels now after slip disc and back pain cure by AcuSTAR?

She can sleep better, her hand numbness has gone, no more hip pain, back pain, neck pain. There is no tenderness over vertebrae. She can easily bend her back and rotate neck. Can walk, sit, and sleep without pains. Benefits of AcuSTAR Integrated Spine/Disc Clinic Treatments

1) Very Low Cost of Treatments: 10% of Surgical Cost.

2) Internationally trained real medical doctors with 20 years of experience.

3) 100% Natural spine-disc treatments: No Side effects, No complications.

4) No pain killers, no steroids, no anesthesia are given.

5) No costly machine, no costly treatments; FREEDOM FROM COSTLY HOSPITAL BILLS.

6) Very Quick Results, faster than allopathy.

7) Pain relief in just 2-5 minutes (Some patients may take longer)

8) 100% Safe with Side Benefits like Relaxed, pain-free body, increased flexibility, free mind, good sleep, loose body muscles, etc.

9) Comparison of MRI before and after in your preferred lab for the proof of final results

10) Life-style and ergonomic sitting training and counseling to prevent future prevents.

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